How to change LINE Theme on Android

  1. Install Theme Changer from Play Store.
  2. Run LINE and open Theme Shop > Download Cony / Brown / White / Black theme.
    We recommend you to download all of them, however do not Apply the themes just yet, keep using Original theme.
  3. Download theme files from our website.
  4. Run Theme Changer, tap the plus (+) icon on top right.
  5. Find the theme file you just downloaded.
  6. "Import Success" toast message will appears. If it didn't, you probably downloaded the wrong file or the file was corrupted.
  7. Tap the theme you want to use > Apply > choose the theme you want to replace, I'll choose Cony for an example.
  8. Apply the Cony theme.
Note: The applied theme may get reverted back later due to LINE's protection against custom theme, redo steps above if this occured.